You are sending an e-book to a friend without prior dedication messages in the beginning of the book. If you have received Ch@nging Money from a friend and would like to forward that e-book (including the messages your received) instead, follow the specific link in the e-mail that you received and prior messages will be included. In that way the journey of that book can be followed by those who receive it in the future.

Send book (Ch@nging money) to a friend

Who wants to send the book?
To whom would you like to send the book?
What message do you want to write in the front of their book?
Example messages:

Hi Jan,
You should read this book.
I think it will pique your interest!
See you at work,

Dear Melissa,
This book is as novel and inspiring as you are.
I hope we can all be part of the change.
Cheers, your brother

Hi there Daniela,
Because you are always talking about money,
I dedicate this book to you! ;)
May it provide new thoughts and ideas for
many debates to come!